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Will GBPCAD rates continue to rise?

Sterling to Canadian dollar exchange rates have risen today as the market for buying Canadian dollars finally improves with sentiments finally favouring the pound after a very tricky year. The UK is currently in a strong position to capitalise on the recent news but there does remain some very large risks to the current outcome […]

GBP/CAD falls again as ‘Brexit’ fears begin to weigh on the Pound once again (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has fallen across the board once again today as Brexit fears have once again begun to instill fear within financial markets. The Pound had been gaining in value towards the end of last month and also at the beginning of this month, but that trend has now been reversed. The catalyst for this […]

Is Sterling set for a further fall against CAD? (Daniel Charles Johnson)

Brexit has caused a dramatic fall for Sterling against the majority of major currencies. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned yesterday that if trade negotiations between the UK and the EU do not go smoothly there is the possibility of Britain falling in to a recession. I am not pessimistic. I think now we have […]

Cad holds steady as Oil Prices Firm

The price of Oil has risen as the Canadian Oil Sands fires stoke Oil supply fears. Canada’s Oil Sands are the world’s third largest proven reserves so the worry over just how these fires will impact Oil supply is important. If you need to buy Canadian dollars the price of Oil is an important factor […]

GBPCAD Dips As Fears Of A Brexit Continue

Sterling exchange rates dropped heavily against the Canadian Dollar during today’s trading session, and there’s a possibility this trend could continue throughout the night as we anticipate today’s Canadian Federal Budget. GBPCAD dipped after an alarming report of a ‘Post Brexit’ Britain which has seen Sterling’s value drop against all major currencies, most notably the […]

How will the Budget affect GBP/CAD?

George Osbourne delivers the Budget today at 12.30pm.  I expect some some quite severe cuts in order to reduce the deficit. The market does seem to be factoring these potential cuts as GBP/CAD now sits in the low 1.88s. The cuts could well cause further weakness once confirmed, This will create an excellent buying opportunity […]

CAD rates subject to FED decision

CAD exchange rates are likely to see some volatility today following the US interest rate decision. Whilst this event is not in Canada itself, this is expected the be the first interest rate rise since the financial crisis for any country in the Western world, so financial ripples should affect the entirety of the currency […]

Canadian Dollar falls dramatically as oil price collapses further

The Canadian Dollar came under sever pressure yesterday with the sustained drop in oil price which was exaggerated on Wednesday this week to the lowest levels since 2009. GBP/CAD rose to 3 month highs, EUR/CAD is the same, and USD/CAD is now at fresh 10 year highs. This oil price fall is a dramatic reaction […]

GBP/CAD rates at 3 month high

GBP/CAD rates of exchange have received a during this weeks trading with oil prices being in free-fall since Monday. The Canadian Dollar has weakened significantly across the board as a result. Despite the Canadian economy’s recent diversification to compensate for prolonged low oil prices, the economy is still largely tied to the price of oil, […]

USD/CAD and EUR/CAD exchange rates the focus for the day

The long awaited US interest rate decision will be released today.  With the US being the largest economy in the world, and a significant proportion of of global debt being denominated in US Dollars, this decision will likely affect all major currencies. For the Canadian Dollar, the two major currencies in question which will be […]