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US Interest Rate Decision, EU Withdrawal Bill and Canada awarded the World Cup for 2026

The good news to come out of Canada this afternoon is that they alongside the US and Mexico have been awarded the World Cup in 2026 after the vote was announced in Moscow earlier today. This is great news for the country and football fans alike but with Donald Trump saying that there needs to […]

NAFTA talks drag on which causes the Canadian Dollar to weaken against the Pound

The Canadian Dollar has once again come under pressure against the Pound as the three countries involved in the NAFTA negotiations are not close to a deal yet. US Congress appears to be running out of time at the moment in order to approve a new deal and with the Mexican election just over 3 […]

Could UK Retail Sales help to increase the Pound vs the Canadian Dollar?

The Canadian Dollar has continued to strengthen during the course of this week against the Pound and it appears to be following the same trend as what is also happening with GBPUSD rates. Oil prices have been on the rise and the highest they have been for a few years and as Canada is such […]

Will the Pound have a positive end to the week against the Canadian Dollar?

In the last few days the Canadian Dollar has improved against the Pound after the Bank of England decided to once again keep interest rates on hold. The split was 7-2 in favour of keeping rates the same which came as no surprise but the real surprise was a huge downgrading of the UK’s growth […]

Canadian Dollar increases in value vs the Pound but for how long?

The Canadian Dollar has improved against the Pound during today’s trading session after some very impressive housing data in the form of Building Permits for March. The figures came out at 3.1% for March which was a huge improvement to the previous month as well as much better than the expectation and this has really […]

Sterling hits best rate to buy Canadian Dollars in 21 months (Tom Holian)

The Canadian Dollar has continued to weaken across the board hitting fresh lows against Sterling during the course of this week. The Loonie has fallen after Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz suggested that further interest rate hikes may come slower in order to allow the economy to grow without causing inflationary pressures. The Canadian […]

NAFTA discussions cause problems for the Canadian Dollar vs the Pound (Tom Holian)

Although Sterling has been struggling during the last fortnight against a number of currencies owing to the political uncertainty caused by the ongoing saga of the Brexit the Pound has remained very strong vs the Canadian Dollar. The Canadian economy is heavily influenced by what happens with their relationship south of the border and although […]

Could the Pound hit 1.80 against the Canadian Dollar? (Tom Holian)

The Pound has continued to remain strong against the Canadian Dollar recently as the NAFTA deal is still causing uncertainty between the US and Canada. This has been going on for months and although there were some positive comments earlier this month it is still far from getting resolved. Indeed, the Canadian Dollar is now […]

NAFTA Deal and the impact on Sterling vs Canadian Dollar exchange rates (Tom Holian)

The North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement has been a hot topic over the last few months and the uncertainty surrounding the issue has caused the Canadian Dollar to weaken recently. US President Donald Trump has stated in the deal ‘Canada has treated us very, very unfairly when it comes to lumber and timber.’ However, Trade […]

Pound hits best rate to buy Canadian Dollar since May 2017 (Tom Holian)

The Pound has hit the best rate to buy Canadian Dollars since last May with the Canadian Dollar weakening in part due to the uncertainty surrounding NATFA. The US Dollar has also weakened to its lowest level against the Pound since the Brexit vote back in June 2016 and this has also caused the Canadian […]