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Will GBPCAD reach 1.70?

The pound has risen to fantastic fresh highs against the Canadian dollar which is an excellent opportunity for any clients looking to buy Canadian dollars with pounds. If you are looking to make any kind of currency transfer in the future buying Canadian dollars these levels may not last for too long and making the […]

How could this weeks election effect the Pound to Canadian Dollar rate? (Joseph Wright)

There are a number of factors affecting the Pound to Canadian Dollar rate this week, with the UK general election this Thursday being the main driver of price movement. The Pound has weakened over the past few weeks after the polls covering this weeks election have shown that the Conservatives lead is narrowing. I think […]

The Trump influence on the Canadian Dollar (Tom Holian)

With Donald Trump now having been fully inaugurated into the White House and now one of the most powerful people in the world we are set for some interesting times ahead. His speech yesterday focused on getting control back of US finances which comes as no real surprise but it could be very interesting to […]

What can we expect for GBPCAD rates in 2017?

The pound is likely to struggle in 2017 but what about the Canadian dollar? The GBPCAD rate has been volatile in 2016 and I expect this to continue in 2017. Two of the main issues on this currency pairing will remain in 2017, that is the Brexit and the price of Oil. These two issues […]

Sterling under pressure against the Canadian Dollar in the run up to UK GDP figures (Tom Holian)

Sterling vs the Canadian Dollar has struggled in recent weeks caused by the announcement made by UK Prime Minister Theresa May that Article 50 will be triggered in March 2017. This means we have another few months of uncertainty ahead prior to the official negotiations starting between the UK and the European Union. Since the […]

Sterling vs Canadian Dollar exchange rates rocked by Article 50 (Tom Holian)

Sterling vs Canadian Dollar exchange rates have hit their lowest level to buy Canadian Dollars in 3 years this week since UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the UK will trigger Article 50 in March 2017. It could be argued that at last we may have some certainty going forward for the UK but […]

Sterling weakens against the Canadian Dollar on Brexit fears (Tom Holian)

Sterling has continued to fall against the Canadian Dollar as rumours are that the UK could be getting ready to look at starting the negotiations to leave the European Union by February. According to European Council President Donald Tusk he has said that in discussions with UK Prime Minister Theresa May that the UK may […]

Sterling has a good start to the month against the Canadian Dollar (Tom Holian)

Sterling has continued its recent gains vs the Canadian Dollar as economic data in the UK continues to impress since the Brexit vote at the end of June. UK Services, Manufacturing and Construction data for August have all come out better than expected for August following a disastrous July. Clearly the uncertainty caused by the […]

Sterling rises against the Canadian Dollar following UK manufacturing data (Tom Holian)

The Pound has made advances against all major currencies during this morning’s trading session following the release of UK manufacturing data which came out a lot higher than expected. The figures for August came in above expectation at 53 compared to last month of 48 and not only is above 50 a positive but the […]

Sterling flat against the Canadian Dollar in run up to the EU referendum (Tom Holian)

Sterling has remained very quiet against the Canadian Dollar during today’s trading session as markets wait with baited breath for the EU referendum vote next week. Economic data for both the UK and Canada has been relatively non-existent today in terms of having any impact on exchange rates but I expect to see a huge […]