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Busy day expected for the Pound to Canadian Dollar rate tomorrow, what data should we look out for? (Joseph Wright)

The Canadian Dollar has gained almost 5 cents against the Pound over the past week after the Bank of Canada unexpectedly opted to raise interest rates yesterday and late last week it emerged the economy is growing at a much higher pace than expected. This comes at a time the Pound is under pressure after […]

Will the pound rise or fall against the CAD in the coming weeks?

The pound is looking like it will only struggle further against the Canadian dollar as we get closer to the reality of the Brexit. Brexit uncertainties are probably not a surprise to many reading this blog, you might even be bored of hearing about them but if you are concerned with the pound and the […]

Pound falls against the Canadian Dollar owing to US Jobs Report (Tom Holian)

The Canadian Dollar rate vs the Pound has strengthened towards the end of the week after the US economy posted better than expected jobs data for July. A total of 209,000 new jobs were created last month and the unemployment rate also hit the lowest number since 2001. Both the US Dollar as well as […]

Will GBPCAD drop below 1.60?

The pound has really struggled today dragging GBPCAD down almost 3 cents as investor concerns over the economic outlook for the UK increase. The Bank of England reduced growth forecasts and withdraw previous support for an interest rate hike causing the currency to slide as largely expected. The GBPCAD rate had been moving closer to […]

Pound to Canadian Dollar rate hits a 3-month low after BoE member fails to mention rate hike, where to next for GBP/CAD?

Investors and clients hoping to change Pound into Canadian Dollars at higher rates have been left disappointed today. In this flat market many within the financial services has been awaiting the comments from Bank of England governor Ben Broadbent this lunchtime, as many had hoped that he would make a reference to his his option […]

Where next for GBPCAD exchange rates?

The pound to Canadian dollar exchange rate is looking slightly better for Canadian dollar buyers as the pound finds its way slightly back into favour edging back to the 1.68 level which is a great improvement compared to the 1.66 on offer earlier this week. If you have a transfer to make selling the pound […]

What can we expect next for GBPCAD rates?

The pound looks like it could fall further with the outlook ahead for the UK very shaky indeed. Currently we have a minority Conservative government and the Queen’s speech which was a much watered down version of the Conservative Manifesto has failed to set the pound alight. The price of Oil is a major factor […]

Could economic data provide the Pound with some support vs the Canadian Dollar? (Tom Holian)

The Pound has made some small gains against the Canadian Dollar owing to UK inflation data which came out higher than expected at 2.9% for this year. The UK inflation rate is now running at a 4 year high and although the price of fuel has been falling the main reason for the rise was […]

Sterling continues to slide vs the Canadian Dollar after YouGov poll (Tom Holian)

The Pound vs the Canadian Dollar has continued to fall over the last few days fueled by speculation that the voting is getting much closer between the Conservatives and the Labour party. The latest poll which was published late last night showed that the Tories may fail to win with an outright majority when the […]

Could the Canadian Dollar fight back vs the Pound? (Tom Holian)

The latest interest rate decision for Canada will be announced later today but there is little expectation of a change from the current level of 0.5%. Policy makers in Canada have been highlighting a number of issues over the last few months and we have seen the Canadian Dollar weaken heavily during this time vs […]