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Pound to Canadian Dollar rate hits a 3-month low after BoE member fails to mention rate hike, where to next for GBP/CAD?

Investors and clients hoping to change Pound into Canadian Dollars at higher rates have been left disappointed today. In this flat market many within the financial services has been awaiting the comments from Bank of England governor Ben Broadbent this lunchtime, as many had hoped that he would make a reference to his his option […]

The Pound gets a boost as weaker oil prices drive the Canadian Dollar down, will GBP/CAD break 1.65? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rate received a boost today and recovered some of its recent losses, after the Canadian Dollar dropped as oil prices hit the headlines. With the Canadian economy being reliant on its exports, and oil being one of its largest exports the value of oil is therefore likely to impact the […]

GBPCAD rates will not remain flat for long!

The pound to Canadian dollar rate has been fairly flat today on a non-eventful day that has seen the rate lingering between 1.6313 and 1.6393. The Canadian data on offer showed Imports and Exports fairly steady whilst the Ivery Manufacturing Index survey showed us a small decline helping loosen the Canadian dollar against the pound […]

Pound gains a cent against the Canadian Dollar on Brexit hopes, will the trend continue? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has gained by almost a cent against the Canadian Dollar during today’s trading session, as financial markets are hopeful that the House of Lord’s will be able to make amendments to the governments Brexit plans (via Article 50). Investors are hoping that there will be concessions made to the current bill which which […]

Pound fails to continue its recovery vs CAD despite CAD weakness (Joseph Wright)

The Canadian Dollar has weakened across the board after the Bank of Canada has announced that it will be keeping Interest Rates unchanged, despite the Canadian economy slowing during the second quarter of this year. This news impacted financial markets as the Canadian Dollar has weakened since, yet this weakness hasn’t filtered over to the […]

GBPCAD Rates rise further!

With all eyes focused on the UK Referendum this Thursday, GBPCAD rates will in the main be subject to fluctuations from this historical event. The only real Canadian data released this week is Retail Sales on Wednesday but this is unlikely to alter the market as determined from events in the UK and the global reaction. […]

GBP/CAD likely to continue its downward trend on ‘Brexit’ fears (Joseph Wright)

The rate of exchange for Sterling sellers has taken a significant hit over the past week or so, and with the EU Referendum now just around the corner I can’t help but think this trend will continue over the short term. Whilst the Pound has been under pressure due to the political uncertainty surrounding the […]

Canadian Dollar recovers, Oil soars!

The price of Oil has recovered and the Canadian dollar with it following a worrying few sessions over the Alberta Oil Sands fires last week. Thankfully the fires are now out but the impact on the economy will remain in the shorter term. Investors however are taking a longer term view on the whole situation […]

GBPCAD at week high, when best to buy? STEVE EAKINS

Buying the Canadian Dollar has been becoming cheaper and cheaper of late. Buying now in comparison to 30 days ago is over 2.5% different giving you an extra CAD $10,000 on a £200,000 transfer.  These gains have been seen for the reasons very well published, this being the fires which have hit the people and […]