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Canadian Dollar Strength over Uncertainty in Middle East

The Canadian dollar is continuing to make gains across most of the major currencies with a particularly strong improvement against the pound. Rates for GBP CAD have now fallen to 1.7342 creating an excellent opportunity for those clients looking to sell Canadian dollars for pounds. The Canadian dollar has been boosted on the rising price […]

Canadian Dollar Rallies on Rising Oil Price

The Canadian dollar has been boosted sharply by the sudden rise in the price of oil which has jumped to the highest level since 2014. Prices for American crude reached $70 a barrel yesterday. The looming announcement from US President Donald Trump on whether the US will pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement is […]

Canadian Dollar Still Uncertain over NAFTA

The Canadian dollar continues to remain on the back foot as uncertainty surrounding NAFTA remains the primary concern for the Canadian economy. The Bank of Canada has raised its concerns over the issue as well and its Governor Stephen Poloz has hinted at not raising interest rates until the future is more clear on this […]

Canadian Dollar Boosted on Bank of Canada Outlook

The Canadian dollar has received a boost after Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz hinted at further interest rate increases after he said that wage growth is forecast to start rising which would be seen as good for the Canadian economy. However he highlighted that the ongoing NAFTA negotiations are holding back the Bank of […]

Canadian Dollar Strength on Positive NAFTA News

The Canadian dollar has bounced back strongly with good gains across the major currencies including the pound. The Canadian dollar strength has come about after it has been reported that Canada will be largely exempt from the majority of the major changes in the NAFTA agreement which is still being negotiated after many months of […]

GBP CAD Falls Sharply after Positive NAFTA Developments

The Canadian dollar saw a volatile day yesterday making good gains against the pound. Rates for the GBP CAD pair fell sharply from almost 1.84 to a low of 1.8146 creating a small window of opportunity for any clients looking to sell Canadian dollars. The pound has been driven higher in recent weeks especially after […]

Will the Pound continue to climb vs the Canadian Dollar, and what factors could impact it? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has been climbing against all major currency pairs recently, after sentiment has improved surrounding the UK economy quite dramatically in recent weeks. It seemed to get a shot in arm a few weeks back when both Spain and the Netherlands announced that they want post-Brexit conditions to remain conducive to business continuing as […]

Why did the Canadian Dollar fall when interest rates were hiked? (Joseph Wright)

Yesterday the Bank of Canada chose to raise interest rates for the third time in the last year. The interest rate now sits at 1.25% and those that decide on making the decision to change interest rates have stated that this decision can be put down to increasing inflation levels, and an a strong Canadian […]

CAD Exchange Rates ahead of Bank of Canada Rate Decision

The Canadian dollar is likely to be in for a volatile week as the key interest rate decision from the Bank of Canada on Wednesday fast approaches. There is a good chance the central bank will look to raise interest rates by 0.5% to 1.25% which will make this the third interest rate hike since […]

Important Canadian Data due out this afternoon to impact GBPCAD exchange rates (Tom Holian)

The Pound has dropped below 1.70 to buy Canadian Dollars after a poor start to the year for the Pound. Sterling exchange rates across the board have been under pressure and this has been particularly evident against the Canadian Dollar which has strengthened over the last few weeks owing to the rise in oil prices. […]