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Canadian Dollar gains back ground as stock market volatility cools – Inflation next week will be key

Canadian Dollar exchange rates have gained ground a little over the past few trading days as U.S stock market volatility has cooled a little over the course of the week. We did see another drop during the opening bell in trading yesterday, however there was a fight back and the losses were made up by […]

A quiet week for Canadian data – What to expect from the Canadian Dollar this week (Daniel Wright)

Recent research by Canadian lender Scotiabank has suggested that we may see a drop off in GBP/CAD exchange rates following a fairly negative period for political stability in the U.K and U.K economic data not being particularly fantastic so far this month but looking at other factors it does appear that CAD exchange rates may […]

Bank of Canada keeps Interest Rate on hold but could they rise soon?

The Bank of Canada has kept interest rates on hold today as we get closer to understanding further what they plan for monetary policy in the future. The BoC has brought forward their plans to hike interest rates in the future, prompting some small rises in the value of the Canadian dollar against most currencies. […]

What can we expect next for GBPCAD exchange rates?

Overall the market is expecting the pound to enter a more volatile phase as we get further news on just what to expect from the Brexit plans and negotiations. The market has been pricing in sterling weakness and as such the triggering of Article 50 was at the end of a bit of a non-event. […]

Bank of Canada keep rates on hold!

The Bank of Canada kept their interest rate on hold at 0.5% today reflecting the continued slack in the Canadian economy and labour market. This has seen the Canadian dollar a little weaker as we approach the close of play, the pound has also been struggling but the main loser has been the Canadian dollar. […]

Sterling drops to its lowest level since the ‘Flash Crash’, will the drop continue? (Joseph Wright)

Sterling exchange rates have experienced another turbulent afternoon of trading after comments from two prominent UK figureheads have weighed on the Pounds value once again. After quietly recovering some of its recent losses the Pound dropped in value within a matter of moments, wiping away those gains after the governor of the Bank of England […]

Sterling looking to improve against Canadian Dollar? (Daniel Wright)

The Pound may have a better period coming up against the Canadian Dollar following the recent Bank of Canada monetary policy statement and press conference suggesting that further easing may have to take place in the coming months. The Pound is starting to gather a little momentum following news that the Government in the U.K […]

GBP/CAD falls again as ‘Brexit’ fears begin to weigh on the Pound once again (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has fallen across the board once again today as Brexit fears have once again begun to instill fear within financial markets. The Pound had been gaining in value towards the end of last month and also at the beginning of this month, but that trend has now been reversed. The catalyst for this […]

GBPCAD hits 3 year low!

Continued pressure on the pound and a reasonably solid Oil price is keeping GBPCAD in the 1.60’s I cannot see a big reversal of fortune for the pound anytime soon. Most commentators are rightly suggesting and worrying about what is around the corner, I would personally be very worried about what to expect in the […]

GBP/CAD exchange rate rises following mixed day on the markets

GBP/CAD rates have had a rollercoaster day on the markets, with poor data for both the UK and Canada fueling changes on market value. The day started with Sterling weakness but we have since seen the Pound gain a full Cent against the Canadian Dollar as North American markets opened to news of a further […]