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Sterling hits best rate to buy Canadian Dollars in 21 months (Tom Holian)

The Canadian Dollar has continued to weaken across the board hitting fresh lows against Sterling during the course of this week. The Loonie has fallen after Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz suggested that further interest rate hikes may come slower in order to allow the economy to grow without causing inflationary pressures. The Canadian […]

Bank of Canada members to set the scene for the Canadian Dollar as the day nears a close

Following on from a fairly flat day for Canadian Dollar exchange rates we have a few points of note for you to keep an eye out for if you have Canadian Dollars to exchange in the near future. Two members of the Bank of Canada are speaking today, Governor Poloz is speaking shortly and later […]

Canadian GDP (Growth) figures key for how we see CAD end the week

It has not been a great week for the Canadian Dollar against most majors, seeing a slight dip in value over the course of the week. The Canadian Dollar was actually the worst performing of all the major currencies on Tuesday and it does appear that investors have slight concerns on how growth figures (released […]

Could the Pound hit 1.80 against the Canadian Dollar? (Tom Holian)

The Pound has continued to remain strong against the Canadian Dollar recently as the NAFTA deal is still causing uncertainty between the US and Canada. This has been going on for months and although there were some positive comments earlier this month it is still far from getting resolved. Indeed, the Canadian Dollar is now […]

Economic data that may impact Canadian Dollar exchange rates for the end of the week

The recent drop in oil prices has led to weakness for the Canadian Dollar, we have seen oil prices fall in value by $5 per barrel over the past month which is starting to weigh down on the value of the Canadian Dollar. Canada’s economy does have oil as one of its key exports so […]

CAD Forecast – Sterling Under Pressure as Brexit Talks Intensify (Matthew Vassallo)

The CAD has found some support against Sterling this week, with the Pound coming under pressure again a host of the major currencies. The CAD had been struggling since the turn of the year, despite positing some positive economic figures. Much of the issues lay with concerns over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), […]

Canadain dollar value set to fall

The Canadian dollar has lost ground today off the back of oil prices taking a tumble. Oil is Canada’s largest export and there is a direct correlation between oil and the price of the Canadian dollar. However its not oil prices that I would be concerned about if needed to convert Canadian dollars into a […]

GBPCAD close to reaching 12 month high!

In recent weeks the GBPCAD exchange rates have continued to climb proving opportunity for Canadian dollar buyers, however I expect exchange rates could get better in the weeks to come. NAFTA negotiations began on Tuesday in Montreal and the initial reaction is that the negotiations have actually started well which is a surprise. However the […]

US Shutdown and Canadian Interest Rates – Impact on GBPCAD exchange rates (Tom Holian)

Despite the Bank of Canada having increased interest rates earlier this week the Canadian Dollar has actually weakened against the Pound during the last few days. Indeed, GBPCAD exchange rates are now at their best trading level since the end of November. The CAD$ has weakened owing to the uncertainty surrounding both NAFTA as well […]

NAFTA negotiations to take centre stage

On the 23rd January, the NAFTA negotiations will resume which could be problematic for Canada and consequently have a negative impact on Canadian dollar exchange rates. NAFTA, which is the┬áNorth American Free Trade agreement, is an agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico and it allows all three countries to trade with one another for […]