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Busy day expected for the Pound to Canadian Dollar rate tomorrow, what data should we look out for? (Joseph Wright)

The Canadian Dollar has gained almost 5 cents against the Pound over the past week after the Bank of Canada unexpectedly opted to raise interest rates yesterday and late last week it emerged the economy is growing at a much higher pace than expected. This comes at a time the Pound is under pressure after […]

Pound slides after latest Bank of England comments, will the GBP to CAD rate continue to drop this year? (Joseph Wright)

The Bank of England yesterday opted to keep interest rates on hold, and whilst this was expected it was the less bullish voting patterns and dovish comments from the BoE’s governor that caused the Pound to fall further. Due to the increasing inflation pressures after the Pound’s drop in value since the Brexit vote, there […]

Pound to Canadian Dollar rate flat so far this week, will tomorrow bring movement between the pair? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rate has been trading within thin volumes so far this week, with the pair ranging just half a cent throughout today’s trading session. The Pound is coming under pressure against many other currency pairs which some may consider as a sign of Canadian Dollar weakness. With the Pound losing […]

How could this weeks election effect the Pound to Canadian Dollar rate? (Joseph Wright)

There are a number of factors affecting the Pound to Canadian Dollar rate this week, with the UK general election this Thursday being the main driver of price movement. The Pound has weakened over the past few weeks after the polls covering this weeks election have shown that the Conservatives lead is narrowing. I think […]

Will this morning’s Inflation data push the Pound to Canadian Dollar lower? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has lost some of the recent gains its seen against the commodity currencies recently, as the price of oil is recovering while the UK is facing some issues of it’s own. The rate of inflation is the UK has begun to outstrip the rate of wage growth, and with a general election next […]

What can we expect next for GBPCAD rates?

The pound to Canadian dollar rate has been much more attractive for Canadian dollar buyers as investors concerns over the price of Oil and also the worrying outlook for trade relationships with the USA. Not only have there been some worrying trends on the relationship with the US but concerns over the price of Oil […]

Is the Pound to Canadian Dollar bull run coming to an end? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rate has dipped from its highs last week, as the pair are currently trading in the 1.75/1.76’s after breaching the 1.78 mark last week for the first time in around 11 months. Those planning on exchanging Pounds for Canadian Dollars are still in a good position when we consider […]

What can we expect next for GBPCAD exchange rates?

The pound to Canadian dollar exchange rate has been very attractive for CAD buyers lately as rates rise from in the low 1.60’s to well over 1.70 almost 1.80! If you are looking to buy CAD the outlook is extremely attractive for the future but of course there are always challenges ahead which could upset […]

Pound gains on the Canadian Dollar as hopes of the Brexit starting this week increase (Joseph Wright)

Sterling gained across the board of major currency pairs today as investors ramped up hopes that Article 50 will be triggered this week. Some believe the triggering of Article 50, and therefore the formal beginning of the Brexit process, could take place as early as tomorrow if the Brexit will is passed through parliament. Whilst […]

Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rates slump this morning (Joshua Privett)

Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rates have slumped this morning with pressure on the Pound and backing for the Loonie stretching the gap between the pair’s value, to the detriment of Canadian Dollar buyers. Yesterday speculation on oil prices forced the GBP/CAD pairing back by half a cent during afternoon trading in the UK. Oil […]