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Will uncertainty surrounding the UK government push the Pound lower? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Canadian Dollar rate, despite trading within quite a wide range over the past year is actually flat on an annualised basis, after the Pound has lost quite a lot of value in recent weeks due to mounting pressure on the UK’s Prime Minister. There are apparently dozens of Conservative MP’s that are […]

Will the GBP/CAD exchange rate fall as low as 1.50? (Joseph Wright)

With GBP/CAD trading at a 3 year low around the 1.61 mark and a number of issues, mostly Brexit related, applying pressure to the Pound I think it’s likely that we’ll see further Sterling weakness as opposed to a recovery. With numerous prominent European figures coming out and reiterating their preference for a ‘Hard Brexit’ […]

Sterling continues to rebound against Canadian Dollar as oil softens (Joseph Wright)

The forecasts for future prices of oil are weighing on Canadian Dollar strength at the moment, as although the medium term trend for GBP/CAD has been downward, over the past 5 or so trading days we’ve witnessed a revival in Sterling’s value with the currency gaining around 5 cents. This improvement for Sterling sellers has […]

GBPCAD rates break 1.70 – where next?

I wrote earlier this week about GBPCAD breaking 1.70 and so it has passed. The pound remains under pressure and the Canadian economy will continue to be supported by their main trading partner the US. The Loonie and the Canadian economy have had a rough period with the economy there flagging under the pressure of […]

GBPCAD hits 3 year low!

Continued pressure on the pound and a reasonably solid Oil price is keeping GBPCAD in the 1.60’s I cannot see a big reversal of fortune for the pound anytime soon. Most commentators are rightly suggesting and worrying about what is around the corner, I would personally be very worried about what to expect in the […]

Swing in Referendum Polls causes Sterling weakness

Yesterday saw the release of an ICM/Guardian poll on the EU referendum. A telephone poll showed the leave camp now marginally in front at 45%, with the remain camp at 42% and the remainder undecided.  An online poll had the leave camp further in front at 47% with the remain at 44%. We saw an […]

Cad holds steady as Oil Prices Firm

The price of Oil has risen as the Canadian Oil Sands fires stoke Oil supply fears. Canada’s Oil Sands are the world’s third largest proven reserves so the worry over just how these fires will impact Oil supply is important. If you need to buy Canadian dollars the price of Oil is an important factor […]

Possible “Brexit” to weigh heavily on the Pound (Daniel Johnson)

Today we have witnessed a Spike of  2 cents for the Pound over the Canadian Dollar. However, I do not think current buoyancy levels will remain. Canadian GDP has been released and output has risen 0.3% more than anticipated. When this is coupled with the uncertainty surrounding the EU referendum I think the Pound could well lose […]

How will the Budget affect GBP/CAD?

George Osbourne delivers the Budget today at 12.30pm.  I expect some some quite severe cuts in order to reduce the deficit. The market does seem to be factoring these potential cuts as GBP/CAD now sits in the low 1.88s. The cuts could well cause further weakness once confirmed, This will create an excellent buying opportunity […]

On-going OPEC Discussions Continue To Weigh On CAD’s Value

Despite few major economic new announcements this week we’ve had a volatile past couple of days, and the Canadian Dollar has been one of the losers so far, falling against both the USD and the Pound. The Loonie has been weakening off the back of volatility in the energy markets, with the Organization of the […]