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Will the Pound to continue to climb against the Canadian Dollar? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has climbed against all major currency pairs today, easing fears that the pound would see another sharp sell-off in the wake of the official triggering of Article 50. Great Britain now has until March the 29th in 2017 in order to arrange to necessary trade agreements to maintain its position on the global […]

Sterling drops to its lowest level since the ‘Flash Crash’, will the drop continue? (Joseph Wright)

Sterling exchange rates have experienced another turbulent afternoon of trading after comments from two prominent UK figureheads have weighed on the Pounds value once again. After quietly recovering some of its recent losses the Pound dropped in value within a matter of moments, wiping away those gains after the governor of the Bank of England […]

Canadian Dollar upside capped for the moment (Joseph Wright)

The Pound is on the rebound against the Canadian Dollar, which is quite a surprise when we consider that within the past few weeks it hit a new low of 1.55, during the flash crash just a couple weeks ago now. The feeling towards the Pound, and the UK economy in general has turned for […]

BoE Interest Rate Decision Could Halt Sterling’s Rise (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/CAD rates have spiked this week, providing those clients holding the Pound with some much needed respite. Sterling has gained almost 6 cents at the high, from its lowly positon below 1.70 at the start of the trading week. Sterling has benefited from some political stability, with Theresa May today being confirmed as the UK’s […]

Canadian Dollar boosted by increasing oil price, Brexit to continue to dominate headlines (Joseph Wright)

So here we are on the day of the Referendum, the event we’ve been discussing for most of the year on this blog and I’d imagine the entire financial world has their eyes glued to whats unfolding here in the UK. Sterling exchange rates have been gaining since Monday, as campaigning commenced once again after […]

Cad holds steady as Oil Prices Firm

The price of Oil has risen as the Canadian Oil Sands fires stoke Oil supply fears. Canada’s Oil Sands are the world’s third largest proven reserves so the worry over just how these fires will impact Oil supply is important. If you need to buy Canadian dollars the price of Oil is an important factor […]

Surging oil prices slow GBP’s gains against CAD (Joseph Wright)

As Sterling exchange rates have spiked upwards against all major currencies over the past week or so, the Canadian Dollar has been one of strongest in its fightback, will GBP’s gains against the Loonie restricted to just 0.6% over the past week. As world leaders such as US President Barack Obama, International Monetary Fund managing […]

GBPCAD Dips As Fears Of A Brexit Continue

Sterling exchange rates dropped heavily against the Canadian Dollar during today’s trading session, and there’s a possibility this trend could continue throughout the night as we anticipate today’s Canadian Federal Budget. GBPCAD dipped after an alarming report of a ‘Post Brexit’ Britain which has seen Sterling’s value drop against all major currencies, most notably the […]

GBP/CAD Rates Continue to Slide (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/CAD rates have continued to slide over recent weeks, with the current negativity surrounding the UK economy handicapping any sustainable advances for GBP. The Pound has come under increased pressure of late and with tomorrow’s budget hanging over investors and the upcoming EU referendum in June, it is likely that Sterling will continue to find […]