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Will the GBP/CAD exchange rate fall as low as 1.50? (Joseph Wright)

With GBP/CAD trading at a 3 year low around the 1.61 mark and a number of issues, mostly Brexit related, applying pressure to the Pound I think it’s likely that we’ll see further Sterling weakness as opposed to a recovery. With numerous prominent European figures coming out and reiterating their preference for a ‘Hard Brexit’ […]

GBPCAD rates break 1.70 – where next?

I wrote earlier this week about GBPCAD breaking 1.70 and so it has passed. The pound remains under pressure and the Canadian economy will continue to be supported by their main trading partner the US. The Loonie and the Canadian economy have had a rough period with the economy there flagging under the pressure of […]

GBPCAD hits 3 year low!

Continued pressure on the pound and a reasonably solid Oil price is keeping GBPCAD in the 1.60’s I cannot see a big reversal of fortune for the pound anytime soon. Most commentators are rightly suggesting and worrying about what is around the corner, I would personally be very worried about what to expect in the […]

Oil slide reverses CAD gains

The Bank of Canada interest rate decision this afternoon and their monetary policy statement was largely a non-event and was completely overshadowed by slashed oil prices, causing CAD to weaken on the markets. Oil prices were slashed back to the lows of April as forecasted demand for oil over the next few months subsided. This was a […]

GBP/CAD rises against oil prices

Just one day after the election the rally for the Canadian Dollar following the installation of a majority government is already over, and GBP/CAD is near 2.01 on the markets. GBP/CAD Rates have rallied in the short term with the eventual introduction of Iranian oil into the marketplace, which has lowered its price due to increased supply, […]

Election and the Canadian Dollar

The polls got it incredibly wrong, again, and the Canadian Dollar has swung wildly overnight as a result. We seem to be harking back almost exactly to the UK election, where polls suggested a close race, and then a majority government emerged instead with the Pound strengthening massively as a result. The Liberals gained a […]

Canadian Dollar finally weakens

As polls open and North-American markets finally become concerned about the potential for a change of Prime Minister following the latest poll numbers, the Canadian Dollar has finally weakened after a long-delay. The rule of thumb on currency markets is for weakness surrounding election for any given currency. The Canadian Dollar has proven that it […]

CAD rates- Election focus

With little data to be released today it’s unlikely we will be seeing much movement on CAD value. USD/CAD rates may see some movement as North-American markets open for trading in the morning with the release of retail sales data in the US, which normally has quite a sway on US Dollar value. Should the […]