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Will the Pound have a positive end to the week against the Canadian Dollar?

In the last few days the Canadian Dollar has improved against the Pound after the Bank of England decided to once again keep interest rates on hold. The split was 7-2 in favour of keeping rates the same which came as no surprise but the real surprise was a huge downgrading of the UK’s growth […]

Canadian Dollar increases in value vs the Pound but for how long?

The Canadian Dollar has improved against the Pound during today’s trading session after some very impressive housing data in the form of Building Permits for March. The figures came out at 3.1% for March which was a huge improvement to the previous month as well as much better than the expectation and this has really […]

Canada weakens to a 1-month low vs the US Dollar, where to next for CAD exchange rates? (Joseph Wright)

The Canadian Dollar has been continuing to come under pressure recently, and when we compare the currency with the usual benchmark of the US Dollar, it’s hit a 1-month low during today’s trading session. The US dollar has been strengthening for reasons of its own but at the same time the Loonie (Canadian Dollar) has […]

CAD Forecast – Canadian GDP Figures Boost the CAD’S Value Further (Matthew Vassallo)

The CAD has found a new lease of life over recent weeks, with another positive move during Tuesday’s trading. CAD/GBP rates have spiked by around a cent and a half, following the release of today’s attest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figure. Canada’s economy has grown by 0.4%, with the official figure coming in above the […]

Canadian Dollar strengthen as oil edges higher, where to next for CAD exchange rates?

The Canadian Dollar has strengthened throughout today’s trading session against most major currency pairs. The reasons for its gains can be put down to positive economic data along with strengthening commodity prices, which is important for the Canadian economy. Oil is one of the major exports for Canada, so seeing the price of oil increase […]

Bank of Canada leave interest rates on hold

This afternoon the Bank of Canada left their interest rate on hold at 1.25%. At the press conference Governor Stephen Poloz seemed to be fairly upbeat as he confirmed interest rates could be hiked in the upcoming months as he expects a boost from increased foreign trade and higher wages in the upcoming months. However […]

CAD Forecast – BoC Interest Rate Decision Unlikely to Boost CAD’S Value (Mattew Vassallo)

Any clients with a short-term CAD currency exchange requirement will be keeping a close eye on Wednesday’s Bank of Canada (BoC) interest rate decision and subsequent monetary policy statement. The BoC are expected to keep rates on hold at 1.25% and with economic uncertainty around the Canadian economy at record highs, I would be very […]

CAD Forecast – Positive Employment Data Helps to Boost CAD’s Value (Matthew Vassallo)

The CAD has found plenty of support against Sterling over the past week, hitting 1.7946 at today’s high. This move back below 1.80 has brought some much needed respite to those clients with upcoming CAD currency positions to execute, having seen the Loonie marooned above this threshold over recent months. This improvement has come in […]

Loonie strengthens due to NAFTA negotiations

Yesterday morning the Canadian dollar made substantial gains against the US dollar as reports were released that the White House want to put forward a preliminary NAFTA framework on the 13th April at the Peru summit. Any news that President Donald Trump will not be scrapping the NAFTA agreement is good news for clients selling […]

CAD Forecast – Global Trade Fears Putting Pressure on the CAD (Matthew Vassallo)

The CAD fell to a near two week low against the USD earlier this week, as growing fears over a global trade war continue to put pressure on all the commodity based currencies. Despite its losses against the greenback, it has found some support against Sterling. Some progress sin NAFTA talks helped to boost investor […]