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Oil price rise helps the Canadian Dollar vs the Pound (Tom Holian)

The Canadian Dollar increased against Sterling during the course of yesterday’s trading session following a rise in the value of Brent Crude oil prices which hit USD$58 per barrel. The Canadian Dollar increased against the Pound by over a cent which provided a good opportunity for anyone with a requirement to buy Pounds with Canadian […]

Brexit jitters cause problems for the Pound vs the Canadian Dollar (Tom Holian)

There has been very little economic data due out so far this week and the market is clearly being governed by what is happening politically at the moment. Sterling exchange rates are being affected by the Brexit talks and with the fifth round having started yesterday we are still a very long way from any […]

Pound continues to make gains vs the Canadian Dollar owing to interest rate rumours (Tom Holian)

The Pound has continued to make gains vs the Canadian Dollar during the course of this month as UK economic data has showed some fairly positive signs recently. The main catalyst for Sterling strength has come from the suggestions that the Bank of England are gearing up to start raising interest rates in the near […]

Hurricane Irma causes the Canadian Dollar to weaken against the Pound (Tom Holian)

The Pound has made some significant gains vs the Canadian Dollar towards the end of this week. Earlier in the week the Pound fell against the Canadian Dollar after the Canadian central bank announced a surprise interest rate hike which saw the GBPCAD exchange rate hit its lowest level since January. The Canadian Dollar has […]

Markets Poised for Theresa May’s Brexit Speech! (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/CAD rates are now trading under 1.59, with the Pound finding little market support over recent weeks. Sterling has slipped alarmingly in line with the on-going uncertainty surrounding the UK’s Brexit and with UK Prime Minister Theresa May scheduled to outline further plans in her speech today, we could see further pressure heaped on the […]

GBP/CAD Rates Fall Following Theresa May’s Comments (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/CAD rates have taken a sharp downturn over the past week, with Sterling losing over four cents in the market. This negative trend was intensified over the weekend following comments made by UK Prime Minister Theresa May regarding the UK’s upcoming exit from the EU. She stated the UK would look towards a “hard Brexit”, […]

Where Next for GBP/CAD Exchange Rates? (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/CAD rates have dipped slightly this month with the pair now trading under 1.66, having put pressure on 1.70 only a few weeks ago. One of the reasons we’ve seen the CAD strengthen is the recent rise in oil prices, Canada’s main export and this helped boost their economy and future growth forecasts. In turn […]

Another Volatile Day for GBP/CAD Exchange Rates! (Matthew Vassallo)

It’s been another volatile day for GBP/CAD exchange rates, with approximately two and a half cents movement on the pair during Thursday’s trading. Sterling received a welcome boost this morning following apparent comments made by Boris Johnson, regarding the free movement of people within the UK following our upcoming Brexit. This immediately gave the Pound […]