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Canadian Dollar Future Still Uncertain over NAFTA

The Canadian dollar remains under pressure following a rocky ride talks in the NAFTA talks. The Canadian dollar has a lot to lose if talks break down and the agreement comes to an end. There have been a number of contentious issues not least the sunset clause which has been called for by the US […]

GBP CAD Breaks Over 1.69 over NAFTA Uncertainty

The Canadian dollar has weakened this week with levels for GBP CAD breaking back over 1.69 for this pair. There is currently a good opportunity to buy Canadian dollars with pounds which may not be around for too much longer. The spike has come about after concerns over the renegotiation of the North Atlantic Free […]

GBP CAD Rallies on EU Discussion on Future Trade

GBP CAD exchange rates have seen a volatile week largely as a result of the ongoing Brexit developments which have had a direct and substantial impact on the price of sterling. The pound has made gains against the Canadian dollar after it was reported late yesterday that the European Union would now start discussions about […]

Sterling boosted on talk of a potential 2-year transition period, will GBP/CAD continue to climb? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound traded in quite a volatile fashion yesterday after a number of mixed messages were sent by key Brexit personnel. The end of the 5th round of Brexit negotiations lead the UK’s Brexit Secretary, David Davis to offer his views on how negotiations are going so far, and he was fairly upbeat. This was […]

Brexit jitters cause problems for the Pound vs the Canadian Dollar (Tom Holian)

There has been very little economic data due out so far this week and the market is clearly being governed by what is happening politically at the moment. Sterling exchange rates are being affected by the Brexit talks and with the fifth round having started yesterday we are still a very long way from any […]

Pound to Canadian Dollar rate holds firm above 1.65, what data could impact the pair this week? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has had quite a positive day during today’s trading session, after some better than expected economic data was released this morning. After a disappointing day yesterday when it was revealed that the construction sector shrunk for the first time in a year, the mood changed this morning as the services sector data came […]

Will the Bank of England increase interest rates and the impact on Canadian Dollars? (Tom Holian)

The Pound has made some very positive gains vs the Canadian Dollar during September as rumours build in the UK that the Bank of England is gearing itself up for an interest rate hike on November 2nd. Interest rates have only been moved down for the last few years in the UK so an interest […]

Pound continues to make gains vs the Canadian Dollar owing to interest rate rumours (Tom Holian)

The Pound has continued to make gains vs the Canadian Dollar during the course of this month as UK economic data has showed some fairly positive signs recently. The main catalyst for Sterling strength has come from the suggestions that the Bank of England are gearing up to start raising interest rates in the near […]

Theresa May speech – Will GBPCAD keep rising?

GBPCAD has been rising to fresh highs as a much stronger pound and also a weaker Canadian dollar combine to present some excellent fresh opportunities to buy Canadian dollars. The pound is stronger on increased interest rate expectations whilst the Loonie is weaker as a combination of global factors including the stronger US dollar which […]

GBP CAD Rate Continue to Recover on Stronger Pound

The pound has made a good recovery against the buoyant Canadian dollar in the last week. GBP CAD exchange rates are now over 1.66 which is almost 8 cents higher than two weeks ago. Clients looking to buy Canadian dollars are currently seeing a good buy opportunity which would be worth considering before tomorrow’s key […]