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Canadian Dollar gains back ground as stock market volatility cools – Inflation next week will be key

Canadian Dollar exchange rates have gained ground a little over the past few trading days as U.S stock market volatility has cooled a little over the course of the week. We did see another drop during the opening bell in trading yesterday, however there was a fight back and the losses were made up by […]

Oil price drop leads to further weakness for the Canadian Dollar (Daniel Wright)

The Canadian Dollar dropped off a little in trading yesterday, as investors and speculators dropped off some of their bullish bets (in favour of Canadian Dollar strength) due to the drop off in oil prices witnessed yesterday afternoon. At one point oil prices were down by 2% and although the tight link between the Canadian […]

A quiet week for Canadian data – What to expect from the Canadian Dollar this week (Daniel Wright)

Recent research by Canadian lender Scotiabank has suggested that we may see a drop off in GBP/CAD exchange rates following a fairly negative period for political stability in the U.K and U.K economic data not being particularly fantastic so far this month but looking at other factors it does appear that CAD exchange rates may […]

Pound to Canadian Dollar rate getting closer to post-Brexit vote lows (Joseph Wright)

When compared with the Canadian Dollar, the Pound isn’t in as bad a position as it is when compared with the Euros for example. Since the Brexit vote last June the lowest the GBP/CAD rate has dropped is around 1.5850, and at the moment the Pound to Canadian Dollar rate is trading around 5-6 cents […]

Suggestions of an interest rate hike lead to Canadian Dollar strength (Daniel Wright)

We have seen a good period of strength for the Canadian Dollar today following on from comments by the Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz, suggesting that we may see an interest rate hike for Canada sooner than had first been expected. The central bank mentioned in their comments that they now believe that interest […]

Canadian Dollar upside capped for the moment (Joseph Wright)

The Pound is on the rebound against the Canadian Dollar, which is quite a surprise when we consider that within the past few weeks it hit a new low of 1.55, during the flash crash just a couple weeks ago now. The feeling towards the Pound, and the UK economy in general has turned for […]

Sterling looking to improve against Canadian Dollar? (Daniel Wright)

The Pound may have a better period coming up against the Canadian Dollar following the recent Bank of Canada monetary policy statement and press conference suggesting that further easing may have to take place in the coming months. The Pound is starting to gather a little momentum following news that the Government in the U.K […]

Sterling continues to rebound against Canadian Dollar as oil softens (Joseph Wright)

The forecasts for future prices of oil are weighing on Canadian Dollar strength at the moment, as although the medium term trend for GBP/CAD has been downward, over the past 5 or so trading days we’ve witnessed a revival in Sterling’s value with the currency gaining around 5 cents. This improvement for Sterling sellers has […]

Canadian Dollar due for more strength? Are we about to see a breakthrough? (Daniel Wright)

Oil prices have been particularly volatile of late and this has been impacting the price of the Canadian Dollar. Many analysts are now expecting to see the Canadian Dollar have a good run of form. For the first time in three years the Canadian Dollar is trading higher than it was a year earlier which […]

EU Referendum Polls and Slump in Oil Production cause fall for CAD

Canadian dollar has weakened of late due to a reduction in oil production caused by the wild fires in Alberta. This coupled with the remain camp gaining momentum in the EU referendum has caused GBP/CAD to hit 1.93 today. I feel the UK will remain in the EU and as such post 23rd June we […]