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What issues could impact the Pound to Canadian Dollar rate? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has gained almost 10 cents against the Canadian Dollar in just the last 2-weeks, as the Pound continues to rise on the back of the election called by Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister. I expect the election and speculation surrounding it to impact Sterling exchange rates over the next few months, due […]

Economic data releases that could impact the Canadian dollar this week (Dayle Littlejohn)

Over the next two days Canada are set to release a host of economic data releases which could have an impact on Canadian dollar exchange rates.  Today at 1.30pm, New Housing Price Index numbers released by the Statistics of Canada which measures selling prices of new residential houses is set to be released. Over the […]

Pound gains a cent against the Canadian Dollar on Brexit hopes, will the trend continue? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has gained by almost a cent against the Canadian Dollar during today’s trading session, as financial markets are hopeful that the House of Lord’s will be able to make amendments to the governments Brexit plans (via Article 50). Investors are hoping that there will be concessions made to the current bill which which […]

Will GBPCAD rates hit 1.70?

Many Canadian dollar buyers have seen the rates improve quite nicely in the last week with exchange rates now at highs approaching 1.70, the big question for CAD buyers with pounds is will this get hit anytime soon? I would be approaching the market with a cautious approach as we could not rule out a […]

GBP/CAD Rates Continue to Slide (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP remains under pressure ahead of the key EU referendum, with losses against most of the major currencies in recent weeks. This has been particularly apparent on GBP/CAD, with an almost 10 cent drop occurring over the past month. Sterling has found any sustainable improvement hard to come by, with so much uncertainty surrounding a […]

Will GBP Recover its Position Against the CAD? (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/CAD rates have remained flat during Wednesday’s trading but the general trend still remains Sterling negative. With the markets focusing on the much debated possible “Brexit” from the EU, it is unlikely Sterling will receive any sustained support in the run up to the referendum in June. The CAD has been boosted by an improvement […]

GBPCAD Dips As Fears Of A Brexit Continue

Sterling exchange rates dropped heavily against the Canadian Dollar during today’s trading session, and there’s a possibility this trend could continue throughout the night as we anticipate today’s Canadian Federal Budget. GBPCAD dipped after an alarming report of a ‘Post Brexit’ Britain which has seen Sterling’s value drop against all major currencies, most notably the […]

GBP/CAD Rates Continue to Fall (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/CAD rates have taken another hit during Tuesday morning’s trading, as the markets digest the fallout from yet another terror attack in Belgium this morning. With confirmation of at least two separate attacks, our thoughts go out to the victims and families of those involved. It is clear that the current global climate is breeding […]

GBP/CAD Rates Continue to Slide (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/CAD rates have continued to slide over recent weeks, with the current negativity surrounding the UK economy handicapping any sustainable advances for GBP. The Pound has come under increased pressure of late and with tomorrow’s budget hanging over investors and the upcoming EU referendum in June, it is likely that Sterling will continue to find […]