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Canadian Dollar continue to rise with increased business confidence (Joshua Privett)

The Canadian Dollar has strengthened heavily recently, reach 1 year highs against a floundering US Dollar and over a 4 month high against the Pound. The trend also seems set to continue, so Canadian Dollar buyers may be wise to look at getting their skates on. The view is that the Canadian economy is gathering […]

Sterling to Canadian Dollar exchange rates soften once more (Joshua Privett)

For anyone interested in the Canadian Dollar and holding Sterling, the battle to be the first to raise interest rates is on, with Sterling to Canadian Dollar rates softening as we head into the next Canadian interest rate decision in a couple of days. On July 12th the Bank of Canada will release their latest┬ádecision […]

Canadian Dollar forecast (Joshua Privett)

The Canadian Dollar has been rising against its currency counterparts recently following some impressively positive comments from the Bank of Canada. In some off the cuff comments with a German newspaper, Governor Stephen Poloz stated that he is much more forward looking when considering future monetary policy for Canada. This speaks a lot to markets […]

Volatile Week for Canadian Dollar as Oil Price Crashes (Ben Fletcher)

The cost of a barrel of oil hit a 7 month low this week causing the GBP/CAD rate to finish the week a percent higher than the middle of the week. Sterling has suffered earlier in the week as Bank of England Governor Mark Carney dampened hopes of an interest rate hike in the near […]

Pound to Canadian Dollar rates and the Queen’s speech (Joshua Privett)

Buying Canadian Dollar rates of exchange using the Pound have taken a hammering as of late due to positive news emerging from Canada, contrasting the prolonged and uncertain atmosphere in the UK. But after a week and a half of delays in announcing the new Government and its plans, this may be about to change. […]

Buying Canadian Dollar rates set for improvement today (Joshua Privett)

After weeks of added expense from a resurgence in oil prices, alongside the anchor placed on Sterling from a shambles of an election, buying Canadian Dollar exchange rates may finally be heading back in a positive direction. Whilst the Pound is in limbo once more with the announcement of a new government partnership between the […]

Election day – will Sterling maintain its 4 cent rise over the past week on GBP/CAD? (Joshua Privett)

Here we are, on of the most important elections in UK history, and anyone with a Canadian Dollar buying requirement using Sterling (GBP/CAD), or Sterling buying requirement using Canadian Dollars (CAD/GBP) should be watching very closely. The impact for this particular election on the value of the Pound is arguably more significant than others of […]

CAD to be boosted by business optimism, will buying rates get more expensive? (Joshua Privett)

Much of the recent narrative driving GBP/CAD exchange rates has come from the boiling pot of the UK election, but with the final debate before the election last night finished, the spotlight may shift back to Canada with some important news to be released today. The election has suddenly thrust a sour note on the […]

Will the Pound gain this month vs the Canadian Dollar? (Tom Holian)

The Pound has had a good run vs the Canadian Dollar in the last 2 months as the Canadian economy has started to show signs of problems recently. The issues between Canada and the US in terms of trade and tariffs have caused problems for the Canadian economy and as the amount of trade between […]

GBP/CAD rates begin the morning building on yesterday’s boost (Joshua Privett)

GBP/CAD rates have painted a concerning picture recently, but like the USD, have been one of the more stable pairings with the Pound than others in what has been a fairly tumultuous week for Sterling exchange rates. The Pound has suffered repeatedly from hint after hint that the UK will not be stepping out from […]