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Will the pound rise or fall against the CAD in the coming weeks?

The pound is looking like it will only struggle further against the Canadian dollar as we get closer to the reality of the Brexit. Brexit uncertainties are probably not a surprise to many reading this blog, you might even be bored of hearing about them but if you are concerned with the pound and the […]

GBPCAD drops even further! Will we break 1.60?

Overnight the CAD dollar has strengthened against the pound as investors concerns over the likelihood of further US interest rate rises increase. The expectation of further hikes in 2017 is fading and this has seen the US dollar lose ground across the board. One beneficiary of this has been the Canadian dollar which has strengthened […]

Pound slides after latest Bank of England comments, will the GBP to CAD rate continue to drop this year? (Joseph Wright)

The Bank of England yesterday opted to keep interest rates on hold, and whilst this was expected it was the less bullish voting patterns and dovish comments from the BoE’s governor that caused the Pound to fall further. Due to the increasing inflation pressures after the Pound’s drop in value since the Brexit vote, there […]

Brexit still key factor in GBP/CAD buoyancy levels (Daniel Johnson)

Brexit Update Theresa May has warned the House of Lords that if Parliament have the opportunity to have the final say on Brexit it could be detrimental to the deal struck. If parliament are given the right to vote it would give EU negotiators further strength. Many peers at The House of Lords are expected […]

Brexit could cause GBPCAD to fall further

Since the UK public voted in favor of leaving the European Union exchange rates have dropped 26 cents. To put this into monetary terms a 200,000 Canadian dollar purchase is now £16,900 more expensive. For Canadian dollar buyers, the House of Lords should reach a decision to whether Theresa May can trigger Article50 in the […]

Sterling continues to decline as markets await Brexit decision, will the Pound continue to lose value? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound continues to come under pressure against the Canadian Dollar as foreign exchange markets continue to digest the much talked about interview of UK PM, Theresa May over the past weekend. The markets have concluded that May’s comments alluded to a preference for a Hard Brexit, whereby the government will focus more on the […]

Is 1.70 the ceiling for the GBP/CAD pair this side of the new year? (Joseph Wright)

The Sterling to Canadian Dollar exchange rate tested the 1.70 mark during the height of the Pounds recent surge. Sterling was boosted substantially by the election of Trump, and it was the Trump factor along with the High Courts vote in favour of the UK Prime Minister needing parliamentary approval before beginning the Brexit process […]

Sterling slips from it’s recent highs as oil strength continues to boost the Canadian Dollar (Joseph Wright)

After posting a positive start to the week the Pound is once again on the decline against the Canadian Dollar. The GBP/CAD pair did hit an almost 2 month high of 1.70 within the past week, but a combination of oil prices rebounding to their strongest levels since October and some better than expected retail […]

Canadian Dollar boosted after GDP figures meet expectations (Joseph Wright)

The Canadian Dollar has received a boost to it’s value after the GDP figures came out at 0.2% as expected in the early hours of this morning. This is actually a fall from the previous figure of 0.5% but with the figure meeting expectations the currency has gained almost across the board. With the oil […]

Will the GBP/CAD exchange rate fall as low as 1.50? (Joseph Wright)

With GBP/CAD trading at a 3 year low around the 1.61 mark and a number of issues, mostly Brexit related, applying pressure to the Pound I think it’s likely that we’ll see further Sterling weakness as opposed to a recovery. With numerous prominent European figures coming out and reiterating their preference for a ‘Hard Brexit’ […]