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GBPCAD drops even further! Will we break 1.60?

Overnight the CAD dollar has strengthened against the pound as investors concerns over the likelihood of further US interest rate rises increase. The expectation of further hikes in 2017 is fading and this has seen the US dollar lose ground across the board. One beneficiary of this has been the Canadian dollar which has strengthened […]

Pound slides after latest Bank of England comments, will the GBP to CAD rate continue to drop this year? (Joseph Wright)

The Bank of England yesterday opted to keep interest rates on hold, and whilst this was expected it was the less bullish voting patterns and dovish comments from the BoE’s governor that caused the Pound to fall further. Due to the increasing inflation pressures after the Pound’s drop in value since the Brexit vote, there […]

Pound to Canadian Dollar rate hits a 3-month low after BoE member fails to mention rate hike, where to next for GBP/CAD?

Investors and clients hoping to change Pound into Canadian Dollars at higher rates have been left disappointed today. In this flat market many within the financial services has been awaiting the comments from Bank of England governor Ben Broadbent this lunchtime, as many had hoped that he would make a reference to his his option […]

Will this morning’s Inflation data push the Pound to Canadian Dollar lower? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has lost some of the recent gains its seen against the commodity currencies recently, as the price of oil is recovering while the UK is facing some issues of it’s own. The rate of inflation is the UK has begun to outstrip the rate of wage growth, and with a general election next […]

Are GBP/CAD Rates Heading for 1.80? (Matthew Vassallo)

Sterling’s recent gains against the CAD have softened of late, with the Pound falling by over two cents in the past week. With the pair now trading around 1.7650 a move through 1.80 is now unlikely in the short-term, with pressure building on the UK economy. Brexit negotiation concerns and a poor run of economic […]

Pound to Canadian Dollar rate rises sharply, will the Pound continue to climb? (Joseph Wright)

Sterling exchange rates are continuing to climb as the year progresses, with last week being one of its strongest weeks against the commodity based currencies. Not only has the Pound been climbing due to a combination of impressive economic data coupled with the outcome from next months general election already looking like a forgone conclusion, […]

Canadian Dollar loses value due to Trump Tariff (Daniel Johnson)

Lumber Tariff weakens the Canadian Dollar The Canadian dollar has lost ground against Sterling following Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on lumber exports from Canada. The dairy trade dispute has escalated.  There is a new Canadian milk policy which US producers are unhappy with stating it violates the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The […]

Will the pound rise or fall against the Canadian Dollar?

The Canadian dollar has been a little weaker against the pound which itself has been stronger. GBPCAD is looking a much more attractive for Canadian dollar buyers in the weeks as some of the uncertainty over the Brexit fades for now. Another benefit for Canadian dollars buyers with pounds is that the US dollar is […]

Is the Canadian dollar overvalued against sterling? (Dayle Littlejohn)

When studying the Canadian dollar vs Sterling exchange rates, the two main factors that have dictated exchange rate fluctuations throughout the last 12 months have been oil prices and Brexit. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is a group that aim to unify petroleum polices and secure fair and stable prices, ruled last year […]

The impact of Article 50 on GBPCAD exchange rates (Dayle Littlejohn

Now that UK Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50 the question is where next for GBPCAD exchange rates? Yesterday the pound didn’t show a steep decline that many economists had predicted and actually rates have dropped by only 1 cent since the Prime Minister sent the letter to Brussels stating the UK would […]