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Canadian Dollar Strength on Expectation of Rate Increase

The Canadian dollar is strengthening at present after a recent wave of Canadian economic data has impressed the markets. The Canadian economy appears to be performing very well and there is a strong chance that there may be an interest rate increase at the next meeting. The markets are beginning to price in the prospect […]

Canadian Dollar continue to rise with increased business confidence (Joshua Privett)

The Canadian Dollar has strengthened heavily recently, reach 1 year highs against a floundering US Dollar and over a 4 month high against the Pound. The trend also seems set to continue, so Canadian Dollar buyers may be wise to look at getting their skates on. The view is that the Canadian economy is gathering […]

Volatile day on GBPCAD exchange rates!

Yesterday saw some big swings on the GBPCAD exchange rate reminding us how important it is to be prepared on the currency markets of any unexpected twists and turns. Just as the pound was having a very bad day and GBPCAD to 1.6780 the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney dropped some hints that he […]

Buying Canadian Dollar rates still softening ahead of Governor Poloz’s speech (Joshua Privett)

Due to the sheer volume of information and events hitting the wire at the end of this week in the UK – the Queen’s speech vote, Parliamentary debates on the new manifesto – buying Canadian Dollar rates have been largely absent much influence from Canada itself. This should all change today with a speech from […]

How Has Tory/DUP Deal Affected GBP/CAD Exchange Rates? (Matthew Vassallo)

Yesterday we had confirmation that Theresa May’s lead Tory party had finally come to an agreement with the controversial Northern Irish DUP party, to form a working UK government. Whilst details about the arrangement were vague, it was confirmed that Northern Ireland will receive an additional 1 billion in funding, news which has caused unrest […]

What can we expect next for GBPCAD rates?

The pound looks like it could fall further with the outlook ahead for the UK very shaky indeed. Currently we have a minority Conservative government and the Queen’s speech which was a much watered down version of the Conservative Manifesto has failed to set the pound alight. The price of Oil is a major factor […]

Bank of Canada keeps Interest Rate on hold but could they rise soon?

The Bank of Canada has kept interest rates on hold today as we get closer to understanding further what they plan for monetary policy in the future. The BoC has brought forward their plans to hike interest rates in the future, prompting some small rises in the value of the Canadian dollar against most currencies. […]

How will the invocation of Article 50 effect GBP/CAD? (Daniel Johnson)

On Wednesday 29th March Theresa May will push the button, triggering Article 50 and this will officially begin the process of Britain leaving the EU. Despite many analysts predicting Sterling will fall in value against the Canadian Dollar, I am of the opinion Sterling will rally. The market moves on rumour as well as fact. […]

What will effect the Canadian Dollar short term? (Daniel Johnson)

How will the US rate hike effect the Canadian Dollar? The US dollar actually weakened following the rate hike as Fed chair-lady, Janet Yellen had a very cautious tone when addressing the possibility of further rate hikes. Despite the possibility of a further two rates hikes this year, Yellen indicated there would have to be […]

The Pound gets a boost as weaker oil prices drive the Canadian Dollar down, will GBP/CAD break 1.65? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rate received a boost today and recovered some of its recent losses, after the Canadian Dollar dropped as oil prices hit the headlines. With the Canadian economy being reliant on its exports, and oil being one of its largest exports the value of oil is therefore likely to impact the […]