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Canadian dollar exchange rates choppy on Trade Wars and Oil!

The Canadian dollar has been struggling under a series of pressures following the latest news that has seen big fluctuations in the value of the price of Oil and therefore the Canadian dollar. Expectations are high for some important developments at the upcoming OPEC (Organisation Petroleum Exporting Countries) this Friday which has seen big changes […]

Trade Wars and Oil drive the Loonie!

The Loonie dollar has been quite volatile lately as the price of Oil is volatile ahead of the OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) meeting on Friday. With the Russians and Saudis looking for a hike in output there is a concern that the price of oil may come down which would see the Loonie […]

Trump threatens to withdraw form NAFTA

NATFA Talks in Jeopardy The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is currently in renegotiation due to Trump’s view that “it is the worst trade deal in history.”  The deal is between Mexico, Canada and the US. There were hopes a deal would be in place before the Mexican election on 1st July, but this […]

US Interest Rate Decision, EU Withdrawal Bill and Canada awarded the World Cup for 2026

The good news to come out of Canada this afternoon is that they alongside the US and Mexico have been awarded the World Cup in 2026 after the vote was announced in Moscow earlier today. This is great news for the country and football fans alike but with Donald Trump saying that there needs to […]

Oil surge leads to Canadian Dollar strength – CAD gains against most majors

The recent global uncertainty and political tensions surrounding Iran have led to  surge in the price of oil and we saw U.S crude oil futures gain 3% over the course of trading yesterday following the U.S decision to abandon a nuclear deal with Iran. This news has managed to take away some of the weakness for […]

NAFTA deal still far from sewn up (Daniel Johnson)

  US threatens non-approval on NAFTA deal if there is no firm proposal  in place in three weeks. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is currently in the process of being renegotiated. NAFTA is a free trade deal between the Sates, Mexico and Canada. Trump has made very clear he is unhappy with the current […]

CAD Forecast – Canadian GDP Figures Boost the CAD’S Value Further (Matthew Vassallo)

The CAD has found a new lease of life over recent weeks, with another positive move during Tuesday’s trading. CAD/GBP rates have spiked by around a cent and a half, following the release of today’s attest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figure. Canada’s economy has grown by 0.4%, with the official figure coming in above the […]

Bank of Canada dovish which leads to Canadian Dollar weakness – NAFTA concerns starting to weigh on confidence

We have seen further weakness for the Canadian Dollar during trading today following on from the Bank of Canada Governor Poloz offering a fairly dovish view on the economy in a speech last night. The NAFTA agreement or more importantly the uncertainty behind it is starting to weigh heavily on business confidence in Canada, along […]

Canadian bank due to keep interest rates on hold causing the Canadian Dollar to weaken

After having a good run the Canadian Dollar has started to fall against the Pound after an interest rate hike in Canada appears now to be less likely. Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz has suggested that any rate hike may not be coming in the near future. Canadian inflation is currently close to a […]

Will GBPCAD break 1.80 this week?

The pound to Canadian dollar exchange rate has seen a big twist and turn lately as the market struggles to price into expectations the changes in sentiment towards both the Canadian dollar and the pound. The Canadian dollar has risen as investors feel a stronger and higher price of oil will boost the Canadian economy […]