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Canadian Dollar Strength!

The Canadian dollar continues to maintain the higher ground against most of the major currencies as recent developments drive the Canadian dollar higher. After the surprise interest rate hike from the Bank of Canada this month the dollar has received yet another boost. The Canadian economy has certainly proved itself to be particularly strong which […]

Canadian Dollar Strength on Expectation of Rate Increase

The Canadian dollar is strengthening at present after a recent wave of Canadian economic data has impressed the markets. The Canadian economy appears to be performing very well and there is a strong chance that there may be an interest rate increase at the next meeting. The markets are beginning to price in the prospect […]

GBP CAD Exchange Rates Break 1.63

The Canadian dollar is seeing heightened volatility this week as the impact of Hurricane Harvey is also seen on the Canadian dollar as well as US dollar. The price of oil has fallen after Hurricane Harvey hit the state of Texas and a number of oil refineries have been forced to close. Considering this was […]

Canadian Dollar Gains on Positive Canadian Outlook

The Canadian dollar continues to be supported on positive economic data with rates for CAD GBP sitting close to an eight month high. A recent rally in the price of oil as a result of a production cut by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) combined with stronger inflation numbers are all helping drive […]

GBP CAD Rates Ahead Of Brexit Announcements

GBP CAD exchange rates could be in for a volatile ride with British politics and Brexit developments causing a storm. Position papers from the British government are expected later today and there are already murmurs of a transitional agreement with the EU which could potentially be seen as positive for the pound. It is worth […]

GBP CAD Ahead of Bank of England Meeting (James Lovick)

The Canadian dollar has remained relatively supported in recent week after the decision was made by the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates. Tomorrow could see new developments for GBP CAD after the Bank of England meeting and quarterly inflation report. The combination of these release and announcements tomorrow has been dubbed Super Thursday […]

Canadian Dollar Supported after Bank of Canada Interest Rate Hike (James Lovick)

The Canadian dollar continues to find support after the Bank of Canada raised interest rates from 0.5% to 0.75% following in the US’s footsteps in tightening monetary policy. The shift in policy for the first time in seven years should see further gains for the Canadian dollar especially if the central bank points to further […]

Canadian Dollar Makes Excellent Gains after Strong Retail Sales! (James Lovick)

The Canadian dollar has seen a strong rally today after Canadian retail sales numbers surged unexpectedly higher today. The strong data signals a buoyant sector and may help boost Gross Domestic Product (GDP) going forward and this has helped drive the dollar higher. GBP CAD fell by almost 1% to a low of 1.6726 in […]

GBP CAD Rises after Surprise at Bank of England Meeting Today (James Lovick)

The pound has rallied against the Canadian dollar after the eagerly awaited Bank of England meeting today saw three of its members vote for an interest rate hike. In a signal to the markets that an interest rate hike could come sooner that most had thought, the pound reacted immediately with a jump higher. GBP […]

GBP CAD Before UK General Election (James Lovick)

Those clients looking to buy Canadian dollars with pounds could see an excellent opportunity to purchase tomorrow morning. A Conservative win in this UK general election should in my view result in a considerable rally for sterling exchange rates. Another 5 years of stable government in challenging times should be a major boost for the […]