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Canadian dollar exchange rates choppy on Trade Wars and Oil!

The Canadian dollar has been struggling under a series of pressures following the latest news that has seen big fluctuations in the value of the price of Oil and therefore the Canadian dollar. Expectations are high for some important developments at the upcoming OPEC (Organisation Petroleum Exporting Countries) this Friday which has seen big changes […]

Trade Wars and Oil drive the Loonie!

The Loonie dollar has been quite volatile lately as the price of Oil is volatile ahead of the OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) meeting on Friday. With the Russians and Saudis looking for a hike in output there is a concern that the price of oil may come down which would see the Loonie […]

Will GBPCAD break 1.80 this week?

The pound to Canadian dollar exchange rate has seen a big twist and turn lately as the market struggles to price into expectations the changes in sentiment towards both the Canadian dollar and the pound. The Canadian dollar has risen as investors feel a stronger and higher price of oil will boost the Canadian economy […]

What can we expect next for GBPCAD exchange rates?

The pound to Canadian dollar has changed dramatically in the last month principally as the Canadian dollar strengthens on the back of a much higher price of oil. The expectation is that the price of oil could rise even further in the coming weeks as investors strive to recalculate the overall values given new information […]

When is the best time to buy Canadian dollars?

The pound to Canadian dollar exchange rate had been improving at a rapid¬†pace,¬†improving in 2018 by over 14 cents presenting some of the best rates to buy Canadian dollars since the Referendum. The overall expectations for the pound are to see further improvements as we get further clarification on the Brexit and also interest rates. […]

GBPCAD hits fresh over 1.80 highs!

GBPCAD exchange rates have risen to over 1.81 as mounting concerns over the pace of future Canadian interest rate rises were dealt a fresh blow yesterday. In recent weeks concerns of Trump’s rhetoric on trade had seen the Loonie dollar lose ground. Yesterday Stephez Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada gave a speech in […]

Will Trade War’s threaten the Loonie dollar?

GBPCAD rates soared yesterday on Canadian dollar weakness as rhetoric over Trump’s proposed import tariffs increased. The initial fears subsided but the rate did rise over 1.80 yesterday as markets were concerned over the potential for the tariffs or any Trade War to threaten the Canadian economy. As a key trade partner for of the […]

GBPCAD at post-Referendum highs!

The pound is looking much stronger against the Canadian dollar as we get closer to understanding what Brexit will mean, markets are being kinder to the pound in the expectation of a softer Brexit which will see less disruption to the UK economy and therefore is less of a concern for sterling holders. GBPCAD rates […]

20 month high to buy Canadian dollars with pounds!

The Canadian dollar has weakened which is presenting some of the best rates to buy the Loonie dollar with pounds since before the Referendum vote back in 2016. Sterling has risen on the back of increased positive sentiments relating to the Brexit which has seen the pound boosted against all currencies across the board. There […]

Where next for GBPCAD exchange rates?

The pound to Canadian dollar is still looking very attractive from a viewpoint of previous positioning since the EU Referendum. Canadian dollar buyers with their pounds are enjoying some of the best rates since prior to the vote, a brief rally last week to 1.7658 almost touching the post Referendum high of 1.7776 May 2017. […]