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Where next for GBPCAD exchange rates?

The pound to Canadian dollar is still looking very attractive from a viewpoint of previous positioning since the EU Referendum. Canadian dollar buyers with their pounds are enjoying some of the best rates since prior to the vote, a brief rally last week to 1.7658 almost touching the post Referendum high of 1.7776 May 2017. […]

Will GBPCAD rise above 1.80 or sink below 1.70?

GBPCAD rates have improved to some of the best levels since the Referendum as the pound is looking more confident going into the Brexit negotiations. Overall expectations for the pound are much improved as investors eye a softer Brexit which should retain access to the Single Market or the Customs Union. Whilst the Canadian dollar […]

What can we expect next for the Canadian dollar?

The Canadian¬†dollar is looking slightly weaker against the pound which has surprisingly found some form lately. We are still not out of the woods for the Brexit and it does feel the Canadian dollar should from the fundamental considerations being strengthening very soon. More often than not currency rates move in advance of an event […]

Will GBPCAD hold above 1.70?

The pound to Canadian dollar levels have on the interbank rate improved back over 1.70 as concerns over the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) surfaced creating uncertainty over the outlook for the Canadian economy. The Canadian economy is very much supported by its exports in key commodities like oil and lumber which the US […]

What can we expect for GBPCAD rates in January?

The pound has dipped against the Canadian dollar, principally owing to the developments in the price of Oil which has improved lately. The Canadian dollar is known as a commodity currency and it will often react to changes in the price of certain commodities which directly support and influence the Canadian economy. Oil is one […]

How will GBPCAD exchange rates perform as we enter 2018?

The pound to Canadian dollar rate is looking much improved as we finish 2017 and head into¬†2018, the outlook for the Canadian dollar is now much more improved thanks to gentle progress being made on the Brexit for the UK. Many clients looking to buy and sell the pound for Canadian dollar are now facing […]

What can we expect next for GBPCAD exchange rates?

GBPCAD exchange rates have risen back to some of the best rates to buy CAD with the pound since before the Referendum. Overall expectations are for the pound to continue to rise should the EU deal be concluded which could happen as early as today. If you are looking to buy the Canadian dollar with […]

Will GBPCAD rates slip back below 1.70?

GBPCAD rates `have been slipping after hitting highs in the mid 1.70’s, we have recently seen the level get knocked right back down to 1.70. With the outlook for sterling now very uncertain because of concern over whether or not the UK will reach a deal with the EU, markets are betting against the pound. […]

Will GBPCAD continue to rise?

Fresh concerns over the price of Oil following the latest OPEC (Organisation Petroleum Exporting Countries) concerns. Essentially calls to limit global production to help the price of oil rise have hit stumbling blocks, there is an expectation production caps in place will be extended further into 2018. Expectations are that such developments may ultimately prove […]

What can we expect from GBPCAD in the next week?

The pound has had a volatile few weeks against the Canadian dollar with rates ranging between 1.66 and 1.70 as investors take stock of the upcoming US interest rate hike and also developments in the UK political situation. Current market predictions centre on a stronger pound as Brexit negotiations gain some momentum and the worst […]